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Fabric steamers have been growing in popularity over the last few years and are a common appliance in the modern day family home. Here at FabricSteamerReviews we provide unbiased fabric steamer reviews to help you find the best fabric steamer available on the market. All of our information provided is unbiased and we are not affiliated with any manufacturer or company involved in fabric steaming.

Fabric Steamer Our Review Rating Price
Conair ExtremeSteam Best Rated Fabric Steamer, High Quality Build, Excellent Warranty And Customer Support, Best Value For Money Check Price
Rowenta IS9200 Pricier Fabric Steamer, Commercial Grade, Produces Excellent Results, Provides High Quality Steaming, Good For Large Families And Businesses Check Price
Epica Handheld Cheaper Fabric Steamer, Provides Mediocre Results, Great For Travel Fabric Steaming And Quick Steaming At Home Check Price

Best Fabric Steamer

Conair ExtremeSteam Professional Upright Fabric Steamer

Conair are a well respected brand in the fabric steaming market, producing the ExtremeSteam fabric steamer which has become the best fabric steamer available on the market today. Utilizing dual heat technology it provides a faster and hotter steam for better results on your garments or fabrics. You can use the fabric steamer on your bed linen to help eliminate bed bugs and dust mites, the extreme heat and steam will eradicate them with precision from your fabric. The ExtremeSteam has 1800 watts of power, which you can fully use to help clean your clothes and fabrics. The appliance can heat up in a speedy 100 seconds and can be used at your convenience in very quick notice. Due to the T-nozzle feature that provides concentrated steam it creates a 40% hotter environment and passes through fabric 3x faster than other conventional steamers.

Conair ExtremeSteam Professional Upright Fabric Steamer
List Price: $83.72
Price: $80.65
You Save: $3.07
Price Disclaimer

Conair offer a 12 month limited warranty on all of their products, so if you have any issues or experience any manufacturing defects you can return the fabric steamer for an exchange or repair.


Rowenta IS9200 Precision Valet Commercial Retractable Full Size Fabric Steamer

The IS9200 is a commercial garment and fabric steamer. It features a code-breaking design that streamlines its performance and makes it ideal for steaming clothes and fabrics around the home. Rowenta has been a industry leader for over 100 years, being founded in 1909 they have excessive experience in producing and manufacturing the ideal fabric steamer. The IS9200 is rather expensive compared to its competitors made by Corsair, however for overall performance it definitely takes the lead when it comes to being the best fabric steamer. It produces a high steam output with a wide diffusion area, making it extremely efficient in removing wrinkles. Similar to the ExtremeSteam by Corsair, it only takes 60 seconds to heat up and begin using. The IS9200 can hold up to 1 gallon of water and be used for 2.5 hours of continuous steaming.

Rowenta offers a 1 year warranty on their fabric steamers, if you were to encounter any problems or manufacturing defects, then their customer support will happily help you exchange or repair your steamer.


Epica Powerful 800 Watt Handheld Fabric Steamer

The compact and lightweight handheld steamer has been a revolutionary new tool, introduced to the market recently. Epica has released their powerful 800 watt handheld steamer that can be used to iron out wrinkles and clean your clothes. It is great for travelling and touch ups whilst your not able to use the commercial grade fabric steamers. The Epica handheld steamer can heat up in just under 2 minutes and be ready to use at your convenience. You can directly fill the tank up to 7 oz of water. Alongside your fabric steamer purchase you also receive a fabric brush and a lint remover.

Epica offers a 3 year warranty on their products, which is three times as long as the conventional warranty on fabric steamers.


The Wonders of Fabric Steamers

Whenever a person goes out into the world, he would always want to make a good impression. As for a person’s clothes, one thing you, as the wearer of such clothes, have to consider aside from the design and quality of your clothes, is whether it has been properly ironed to look sharp, crisp, and decent. After all, you won’t want to look crumpled in w world where everyone strives for clean lines and flawless fabrics. But perhaps you have experienced, and maybe more than once, problems when the flat iron just won’t do the job for your clothes. Aside from imposing heavy charges on one’s electric bill, the flat iron, when used with minimal diligence, may burn or create holes thru people’s clothes. As an alternative, maybe try the fabric steamer.

How a Fabric Steamer Works

The fabric steamer unlike the flat iron, uses steam rather than heat, in order to press clothes. Unlike a flat iron which literally flats fibers with heat, a fabric steamer relaxes the fibers in order to get rid of the wrinkles. These fabric steamers have been used and manufactured for more than a century, but the compact ones, as we know them today, are pretty much modern inventions. The idea of using steam to create the sharp, wrinkle-free look for clothing began when some people used the steam from the teakettle to remove wrinkles from their hats.
Soon enough the fabric steamer was invented and people no longer had to resort to the teakettle. The modern ones come in three sizes, from the commercial floor models which are used at commercial dry cleaners and larger, manufacturing plants, to the mid-sized fabric steamers normally used in homes or even small establishments such as tailors or seamstresses, to the newest model, which is the mini fabric steamer ideal for those quick fixes and for traveling.

Why a Fabric Steamer?

But why choose the fabric steamer instead of the more traditional flat iron for creating that clean, crisp look for your clothes? For one, a fabric steamer is actually easy to use. What a person does is simply hang the garment, pour water into the part called the reservoir, then plug the device in. After you’ve waited for a few minutes to get the water to boil, you then proceed to go over the piece of clothing with soft and sweeping motions. The fabric steamer is also gentler on the clothes, as opposed to applying heat from the iron which could potentially scorch clothing, and it actually works faster than the flat iron. Also, the fabric steamer can be used on certain fabrics where the usual flat iron would not work.
Among these fabrics are velvets, velveteens, and even those very delicate materials like satin. The usual flat iron would typically crush the naps for the velvet materials, while satin may easily scorch. With the fabric steamer, these do not have to be worries, given how gentle it works on fabrics. It is also very handy. You can easily use the fabric steamer to freshen those drapes, create a better look for furniture upholstery, and so on. The mini-fabric steamer can even be carried around with you as you travel.
In order to achieve that clean, crisp and wrinkle-free look, try the fabric steamer. And while your clothes are free from those unwanted lines and wrinkles, you definitely won’t look flat.

Fabric Steamers Buying Tips

While buying a garment steamer, the first thing you’re looking for is portability. This is essential while you’re traveling and need to use your clothes steamer the most. Choose one that’s small enough to be packed easily, but make sure it’s also powerful enough to do its job. It also helps to know the kind of clothing you will mostly use the steamer on. Thin dresses, velvety cloth or other similar delicate clothing need certain kinds of clothes steamers. However, if you’ll be pressing business suits, thick trousers and jeans amongst other garments, you’d need a bigger and more powerful clothes steamer.

Benefits of using Clothes Steamers

Clothes Steamers are known for their ability to iron out clothes without actually having to use damaging heat on them. Clothes irons directly apply heat on to the fabric and this results in the fabric deteriorating with every single ironing. On the contrary, Clothes steamers do not apply heat directly, but rather send a combination of heat, moisture and light pressure to relax the fibres within garments and remove wrinkles from them. Using Clothes Steamers helps in preserving the texture and firmness of your clothes for a long time. They’re also very portable, handy and convenient to use.

How Clothes Steamers Work

Regular clothes irons work by directly applying heat onto the surface of the garment. However, fabric steamers use a different method. All clothes steamers have a water reservoir or source from which water is drawn. It is then converted into steam in a chamber. This steam then comes out at high pressure from nozzles in the front. All you need to do is wave the fabric steamer all across the garment in question and watch it remove wrinkles effortlessly. Wrinkles are formed due to stretching or contraction of fibers in fabric and clothes steamers work by evening out the fabric by using steam.

What are Fabric Steamers?

Fabric steamers are devices that use steam to remove wrinkles from clothes/fabric of any kind. They come in many different sizes. It’s common to find small clothes steamers that are meant for personal use as well as large clothes steamers that are mostly used by commercial laundry units. Clothes Steamers remove wrinkles by using steam rather than heat as in conventional irons. There is no pressing or overheating which means your garments stay in pristine condition and survive for much longer than they would if they were ironed with conventional clothes irons.

Uses Of Fabric Steamers

These are the devices which is used to free rumples from garments. Steamers are commonly used by Clothing Corporations and also garment stores to get ready the garments for sale as well as for display. These steamers are intended to function as a quick and well-organized alternate for ironing. The speed with which these steamers free wrinkles from an object of clothes is specifically important in profitable and trade use when hundreds of garments may need concentration in just a single day.

Steamer is such a suitable garment cleaning device that, in a way, it is surprising washing machines and dryers have not used it earlier. Garment steamer can offer comparable benefits to entirely dry clothing. For example, if person’s favorite shirt smell of that smoky bar he went to last night and he do not have time for a full clean in the next morning. This equipment will help to clean the shirt with fragrance water. These steamers are found and used in different areas from hotels to boutiques.

Today, these steamers have developed into a multiplicity of models, including hand-held convenient edition and business, heavy-duty machinery used by dry cleaning processes. In the meantime, a medium sized edition is a well-liked option for experts and regular house users identical. In calculation to working on resources that should not be ironed, the less unwieldy journey versions are easier to drag around than a conventional iron and do not need a timber or other level surface to do their enchantment.

In addition to clothes, garment steamer can be used in many areas of home. These steamers are used to sterilize and clean the mattresses also. This will not only get rid of bed bugs but it will also eliminate dust mites and other allergens. These steamers can also be use to get rid of the wrinkles from curtains and hangings. This tool would also remove any bed germ, dust mites and other allergens thrashing in the curtains or drape. With advance in non wrinkle garments, house irons are almost of thing of the past.

Most clothing responds well to washing and come out of the dryer wrinkle liberated. A good instance would be a wool overcoat, an outfit jacket or textiles. As quickly as the item of clothing has been draped on the pole and the steam has started to increase, the plunger of the steamer can be brushed over a wrinkled garment. Most people know the procedure of hanging a wrinkled garment in the swimming or bathing room while cleaning up in order to free wrinkles.

These type of steamers functions on the same standard, though the steam is more determined. These machines are highly available in market with different shapes and sizes according to the demand of users. The better the quality of the steamer, the better it will remove wrinkles from garments. Along with the progress of new technology and modernism, this machine allows to do more work within a less time. When many different traditional irons can damage and burn then these steamers work well and safely.

Benefits Of Handheld Fabric Steamers

Ironing a piece of garments may be essential before an official event or previous to the head off for duty. There are firm fabrics or clothing; however that does not react well to traditional irons. For this motive, people may think about using a handheld steamer in order to iron their outfits. Using a hand-held steamer isn’t difficult. If used correctly, a hand-held steamer should work just as well as an iron.

These types of steamers can be a great accumulation to a conventional steam iron. These steamers are easy to exercise because they necessitate very little setup and clothing can be remove from wrinkles right on the hanger. These machines are best for pliable fabrics like cotton, silk, jersey, garments that are hard to iron like a suit jacket, and certainly for tour. What they resist with are pointed wrinkles and hard fabrics, like formal shirts. The best ones create sufficient, constant steam and are lightweight and easy to exercise.

It is a small cloth steamer which is perfect for maintenance clothes looking their finest when roaming. This steamer will not only remove wrinkles but it will help to clean up and get rid of dirty smell from clothes. These machines are also used in home and professional purpose. This steamer recommends dual electrical energy that is desirable for worldwide travel and comes with a tour pocket. There are many unusual changes of steamers and there are hundreds of kinds of accessories.

For instance, some steamers also come with a variety of features as well as hair brushes and fabric scrutinize. Other things to consider are the temperature button, how easy it is to exercise and what technique is the most relaxed, while these characteristic may not appear significant. This small steamer comes in a selection of enjoyable colors and packs. It heats up within two or three minutes and has a removable steamer top which makes for simple portability when traveling. This steamer is very powerful and reliable as well.

Hand-held steamer can do an enhanced wrinkle removing work than an iron on a wider collection of fabric forms without the danger of burning or baking the valuable clothes of people. These steamers are easy to use and are highly available in the market according to the demand of the user and are also available in different shapes and sizes according to the space and affordability.

An iron affects force to the clothing, destruction fibers to give a crunchy outlook. Clothing steamers feathers fibers, giving them a yielding, fresh look that is longer lasting and necessitates less dry cleaning calls. These Steamers are not restricted to garments; they can be used to raise choice hair from upholstery, refresh long curtains, comforters and carpets.

These types of steamers are safe to use on all clothing, including silk, cotton and cashmere and the steam’s temperature keeps mattresses and cushions free of dusts, thus dipping allergens and micro-organisms. These steamers are a fine speculation because of the budding lessening in dry cleaning invoices. These steamers are easier to use as compared to the ordinary iron.